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Redefining electro­plating bath control

This is the FISCHERSCOPE® XAN® LIQUID ANALYZER – The revolutionary inline electroplating bath analysis by Fischer for faster, definite and trustworthy results.

Free yourself of time and cost consuming procedures. Discover the new standard for inline electroplating bath analysis with market leading precision by Fischer.

Market-leading precision.

Unique, in-house developed measuring cell, merged with the powerful WinFTM® software. This combination guarantees highest measuring performance and enhanced security for inline electroplating bath analysis.





Up to 4 baths in real time. Automated.

Screen and analyze up to 4 electroplating baths in a row and in real time, eliminating the need for changing* the measuring cell, time-consuming spot checks, and information gaps.

Individual lines per bath. No contamination.

Elimination of cross-contamination through individual supply lines. Each electroplating bath has its own supply line leading to the respective measuring cell. This inline design not only allows the solutions to be fed separately to the respective measuring cell, but also prevents cross-contamination.

Unveiling the mechanics of automated inline quality control for electrolyte solutions.

1. Sampling of solution

The FISCHERSCOPE® XAN® LIQUID ANALYZER samples the solution from the plating bath/ring circuit system and transfers it to the measuring cell.

2. Measuring cell

Fully automated analysis of the metal concentration of up to 4 electroplating baths by X-ray fluorescence.

3. Control the bath

The provision and documentation of the measurement data is fast, easy and in real time and can be visualized centrally or decentrally.

2a. X-ray tube

The X-ray tube generates high-energy radiation that hits the solution in the measuring cell and ionizes atoms, producing specific fluorescence radiation for each sample.

2b. Detector

The detector captures and digitizes the fluorescence radiation to create a spectrum from which the elements and their concentrations can be derived.

Maximum uptime.

Thanks to the innovative and robust design and with the help of automatic rinsing and cleaning processes, the measuring cell achieves an outstanding lifetime of up to 1 year*. This is industry-leading.
*In a test setup under controlled laboratory conditions with a typical zinc-nickel solution, a lifetime of the measuring cell of over one year was achieved. The lifetime can vary and is individually dependent on the frequency of the rinsing and cleaning cycles, the composition of the coating baths and their temperatures, and the ambient conditions.

24/7 operation.

With its oil-cooled and robust X-ray generator, this intelligent measuring cell operates 24/7, enabling a seamless workflow and continuous delivery of accurate results.

Remote access.

The integration of WAN connectivity enables access to the software and analytics outside the business premises. This feature also offers the additional possibility to perform maintenance work remotely by Fischer experts.

Intelligent, fully automatic and secure.

The self-monitoring system guarantees top performance with fully automatic calibration, cleaning and monitoring processes and reference measurement. Simple and quickly recognizable measuring results on a large touch display on the device and a master display in the quality lab.

External display per bath.

Always have an eye on your plating bath with results displayed in your individual user interfaces and an optional external display per bath.

Efficiencysolutions perfected,redefined...

...with the FISCHERSCOPE® XAN®

Discover the new standard for inline electroplating bath analysis with market leading precision by Fischer.

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